October is Over!

I feel like I just wrote out recap for the month of September. The month of October has been one of progress, questions and team work!

What did we do in October?

  • Finished up repeating patterns and moved into increasing patterns.
  • We can all make an increasing pattern using blocks and are now practicing making increasing patterns using numbers.
  • We have begun to look at sentence writing and how we need to add detail to our sentences so that it makes sense to the reader.
  • Home Reading started, thank you for all the support at home helping our students grow as readers.
  • We discussed how we have a role in our community and everyone has a job to do
  • In Science we finished up talking about position words.

What’s going to happen in November?

  • We will begin November by getting ready for our 3 Way Conferences. We will talk about the things we are proud of, the things we find hard and the things we want to continue to work on and grow better at.
  • In math we will continue working on skip counting forwards and backwards by 2,5 and 10. We will also begin to look at numbers, using the questions below as our guide.
    • How can we determine a number sequence?
    • Why do numbers have order?
    •  Why are numbers represented in many ways?
    •  How do we use numbers everyday?
    • How do I use place value to understand numbers?
    •  How do you make a good estimate?
    • Why do people estimate?
  • In Language Arts we will begin talking about Fluency in reading.
  • In Social we will be talking about diversity in our communities and how each of us being different and celebrating different things is what a community is all about.





Grade 2 News

It’s hard to believe that we have started and finished the first week of school for October already!

What have we been working on?

  • We almost have our Daily 5 stations (Teacher Time, Listen to Reading, Word Work, Read to Self and Work on Writing) in full swing!
  • Learning how to move from one station to another, staying focused while at our stations and using kind words when our group disagrees is also something we are working on.
  • In math we have started to talk about increasing patterns and next week we are going to start to take what we know about increasing patterns and begin practicing our skip counting. At home you can practice skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s forwards and backwards to and from 100.


  • In Social we have been talking about what it means to be a member of a community. Make sure to check out your child’s Seesaw journal to see how they decided they can help in communities they are part of.

What’s coming up?

  • In the next couple of weeks I will be sitting down with each student to learn about what they know about numbers and counting.
  • We will begin to explore how getting exercise and keeping active helps our bodies and minds stay healthy.
  • In Science we are going to begin exploring motion and the different ways that objects and people can move.
  • Our Home Reading program will begin on Wednesday, October 12th 

Have a wondering long weekend!

Weekly Update



What happened this week?

  • The students have taken over the morning routine! Each morning we talk about the date, what the date was yesterday and what the date will be tomorrow. We are going to continue practicing the order of the days of the week for a couple more weeks! We also count the number of days we’ve been at school and keep track of them in a place value chart. So far we have been at school for 16 days, this means we have 1 ten and 6 ones in our chart right now.

lace value.jpg

  • We are working on building out reading stamina using our Read to Self poster. It looks very similar to this one! We want to work up to 20 minutes of silent reading time. This week we worked our way up to 7 minutes of silent reading stamina.

Read to Self Anchor Chart.png

  • In math we are working on representing and describing a repeating pattern. We know that a pattern needs to have a core and has to repeat 4 times. A core can have 3-5 elements and we can use all kids of elements to make a pattern.

Whats up for next week?

  • We are going to start talking about increasing patterns in math.
  • We are going to be starting stations in both Math and Language Arts
  • Miss Reeve will continue with our fall reading assessments to help learn about how we read.


Patterns, Writing and Science

Lot’s has happened in 2A over the last week!

Check out some of our highlights and what’s coming.

This week:

  • We learned about what a Pattern Core is and how to find it in a pattern. Check out this video with your grade 2 student to learn more about what a pattern core is. 
  • Do you know what elements in a pattern are? The elements are what the pattern is made of. We can make patterns out of letters, numbers, words, shapes, pictures and many other things
  • We learned how to choose a Good Fit book and filled up our book boxes
  • We now know how to post a picture to Seesaw. Make sure you check out your child’s page to see what they have posted.
  • We also learned how to share our learning through twitter. We even had a few people comment on our tweets. How cool!
  • We also learned how to describe where an object is using the words behind, beside, in front, below and underneath

What’s next?

  • We are going to learn how Word Work is going to work in grade 2
  • We will learn how to create our very own pattern and then show it in a new way using different elements
  • We will be writing out directions using position words
  • Math and Daily 5 stations will start next week
  • Miss Reeve will be sitting down with each student to learn all about how they read



Welcome to 2A with Miss Reeve


Where did those first two days go?

We had an amazing first two days in grade 2 and we certainly accomplished a lot! Here are a few highlights from the first two days of grade 2:

  • We learned where our outdoor shoes are supposed to go.
  • We shared our summer stories with a partner and had to listen very closely because we then had to share what our partner did with the whole class.
  • We read a story about a raccoon named Chester who felt very nervous on his first day of school. The story was called “The Kissing Hand”, you can listen to the story together in the video below if you would like to!
  • We put away ALL of our school supplies. The grade 2’s blew me away with fast, helpful and organized they were while we did this! I think we are going to make a great team! Some students still have a few items to bring, please check TAKE HOME FOLDERS for a note. If your child isn’t missing any supplies, there won’t be a note.
  • We went to an assembly where Mrs. Beattie reminded us to THINK!


  • We also learned all about ClassDojo and how showing that we know what grade 2 behavior looks, sounds and feels like we can get some DOJO points. More on that next week!

What’s happening next week?

  • We are going to learn how to use a fun learning tool called Plickers
  • We are going to work together to set up lunchroom expectations for the year
  • We are going to talk about how our brains work using a multiple intelligence survey. We will bring these home to share with you! Did you know that all of our brains work in different ways?
  •  We will be introduced to our classroom iPads!

Stay tuned for more awesome news and learning coming your way!


Making Connections

When we read a story it is important that we remember what we have read about. To help us remember what we are reading we use many different comprehension strategies.

One of the strategies we use to help us is making connections. With many stories, we can connect the story to our own lives.

Grade 2:

We just listened to the story Llama Llama Mad at Mamma:

In your comment today, share how you can connect your life to this story. Remember to can connect in three ways: text to text, text to self and text to world.

Remember to use capitals, periods and finger spaces.

Reader’s Theatre

This week we have been working very hard on getting ready for our Reader’s Theatre presentations. We talked about how to add expression in our voices, making sure that our voice is nice and loud, making eye contact with the audience and not putting the paper in front of our face so the audience can hear our words.

We were so excited to perform them this morning and only have one group left.

We would also really like to hear from you in the comments to know what you think we did really well and what we can work on.

Holiday Stories

Today is an exciting day, we are back to school after two weeks of family time!

We had wonderful weather during the Christmas holidays! Over the holidays we get to spend lots of time with our family and friends. During this time we create lots of memories.

Grade 2: 

This morning I would like you to share about some of your favorite holiday memories.

Before you start writing, think about:

  • Did you travel any where?
  • Who did you visit?
  • Did you receive an awesome Christmas gift?
  • Did you eat any really tasty food?
  • Did you play with any of your friends?
  • Did you play any games with your family?

Make sure you check for capitals, finger spaces and punctuation!

Our Selfless Selfies

In Health we are learning about “Good Deeds”.

As one of our good deeds we joined an online community called @Teamtideturners they empower others to become involved in their communities.

We have created some #selflessselfies about Things that we Care about in our Communities.

What do you care about in your community?



Sharing and learning with the world around us.